Our Borgo will be closed for the winter from October to March


Shoots, leaves and grapes rooted in the past
of us both, in the north and in the south.

Different vineyards and landscapes, but with common traditions and memories: fragrances, flavours and sensations that have guided us, leading us by the hand throughout this adventure. In our eyes and hearts are the grape harvests of fifty years ago, which were not a mere harvest, but an ancient ritual: a feast of the earth, the timeliness of which was marked by the alternation of the seasons…

Our small winery…

Our small winery of the Borgo situated inside the museum, dates back to the first half of the nineteenth century, and has walls with exposed stones and a vaulted ceiling where there are still hooks that were used to hang  salami to mature.

Our rooms

The two rooms of the nineteenth century, conceived in perfect harmony with the original architectural features, although different from each other,  share the ceiling with exposed beams, stone walls and wooden floors. The furnishing with antiques blends in well  with a careful search for original details.