A tour of the Borgo

The borgo

The most attractive spots

Captured by the peculiarity and beauty of the Borgo, we could not help but to think of an organic itinerary that illustrates the most attractive spots,  making it possible to fully appreciate the uniqueness: starting from the Villa of the mid-nineteenth century, completely renovated and rigorously furnished with antic furniture and with its winter garden made of cementine from the early 900s to the Peasants’ wine and rural activities museum.

From the outdoor tasting room located in the porch overlooking the beautiful hills of the Oltrepò Pavese, to the small cellar with a barrel ceiling; from the garden that allows you to enjoy” kilometres zero”  vegetables and aromatic herbs, to the chicken coop with the hens and the guinea fowls ; From the pond with geese and ducks to the bocce field  where you can relax with a glass of wine.