Borgo philosophy


I Wish you time

I do not wish you just any gift,
I wish you only that which most do not have.
I wish you time, to have fun and to laugh;
if you use it well, you may gain something.
I wish you time, for your doing and your thinking,
not only for yourself, but enough to share with others.
I wish you time, not to rush you to run,
but time to be happy.
I wish you time, not just so you can spend it,
I wish you have time in excess:
time to be amazed and time to trust and not only so you can watch it on the clock.
I wish you time to look at the stars
and time to grow, to mature.
I wish you time to hope again and to love.
It makes no more sense to postpone it.
I wish you time to find yourself,
to live your every day, your every hour as a gift.
I wish you time even to forgive.
I wish you have time, time for life.

Elli Michler (1923-2014)