Our restaurant

les salles à manger

Eating is one of the four purposes of life…
what the other three are, no one ever knew…
(Chinese proverb)

Sitting in the “limonaia” with soft lights and enveloping music or in the “Bersò” where the sunsets light up between the large windows or in the ancient warmth of the small nineteenth-century kitchen or even exceptionally in the large and elegant living room of the Villa, you will find a simple and traditional cuisine.

All our dishes are prepared daily using mainly seasonal products of our vegetable garden and the eggs of our hens, ducks, geese and guinea fowl…. And not only that!

Our menu is fixed and consists of a selection of appetizers, a choice between three first courses, three second courses and three desserts. We rely on the products of our garden and their seasonality, precisely for this reason we do not have a “standard” menu, we are always evolving and changing just like our entire Borgo.

All is accompanied by the wines of our production.

For information and reservations: tel: +390383899423 mail: info@borgosantuletta.com Mobile e Whatsapp : +393500131530