The garden

our Kilometre zero harvest

The miracle of the seasons

There is nothing as fascinating as the miracle of the seasons: months that alternate and landscapes that disguise themselves in magical colours. Our garden is not  lacking in this magic: geometrical shapes that outline spaces that, at different times, explode in colours and fragrances.

It is not only about the awakening of the spring or the flourishing of the summer, even autumn is a discovery. A true second spring where an incredible range of greens, glistening with dew, are awaiting only to gratify us with great satisfaction of the harvest, because eating of what one has planted and cultivated is the greatest gratification to the hard work that goes into cultivating the land.

Lettuce, chicory, radicchio, valerian, endive, celery, spinach, eggplant, carrots, peppers, beans, green beans, pumpkins and courgettes with their flowers, onions, chards, stalk, radishes, rocket, melons, leeks, broad beans, cabbage, tomatoes of various qualities are cultivated with skill and passion by Paulo and prepared for our guests at the Borgo  who eat vegetables produced almost exclusively  from our land.

A part of the garden is dedicated to the cultivation of fruit plants and flowers that are cut in order to colour and give fragrance to the villa, with the sole purpose of enjoying the beauty and bringing back  the real flavours. Near the villa, within the reach of the cook on duty are all the aromatic herbs including basil, parsley, sage, rosemary and chives.

The best place to enjoy the scents of the fruits of the earth? The Bocce field, located right next to the garden, the ideal place for an aperitif at sunset, offered by the losers of the game, who knowing well they will be the object of ridicule by friends throughout the evening, comfort themselves by  admiring the animals that roam about everywhere and by the beautiful picturesque of the sequential hills.