The museum

The Peasant Art

A Centenary Story to tell

An old farm house close to the Villa hosts two large bedrooms on the upper floor, one overlooking the village and, the other overlooking the valley, on the lower floor lies the wine museum, partly near to the cellar, and partly under the vault of a porch.

It is a path not intended for the discovery of wine in history, literature, music and art or to immerse itself in the culture by displaying famous labels of memorable vintages or fine wines.

It is Instead, meant to be a tribute to the land that gifts us this wonderful nectar, discovering the wine traditions of our grandfathers, telling a centenary story through the tools of cultivation and processing elaborated by hand, from which you can grasp the love of the time artisans spend on their work.

From the sickles to the wicker baskets, from the wicker baskets, to the other peculiar tools used for  maintenance of the vineyard and the pressing of the grapes; from the barrels to the wine bottling tools, the museum is also meant to be an educational  experience for children that helps conserve the important story of our territory.

There are of course tasting rooms next to the museum: a large one where you can enjoy tasting while sitting comfortably next to the fireplace , and the other small. There is also a small kitchen where time seems to have come to a standstill.