The villa


Almeno un centinaio d’anni gravano sulle spalle della nostra casa di campagna

At least 100 years rest on the shoulders of our country house where friends are received through a small entrance, hidden by a pergola of roses from which you can admire a glimpse of the Borgo. A small spiral staircase near the porch where the daily harvest of the garden make a beautiful display of itself in wicker baskets, leads to a terrace that seems suspended between the green of the vineyards, the ideal place to enjoy breakfast and reconcile with life.

At the entrance, in the dining room is a large table that invites you to savour genuine delicacies and to appreciate the combination with our wines. When autumn roles over,  in comes the welcoming fragrance of firewood that burns in the big chimney and, if you look a little further,  you will see the enormous  kitchen with the old marble sink, the copper pots and the wonderful views of the countryside, even more attractive when the fog seems to isolate the village from the rest of the world,  framing it here and there with the scallops of the trees that engrail the nearby  hills like embroidery in the sky.

While the upper floors are dedicated to the bedrooms and the attic, the winter “living room” of the villa in the evening offers us a spectacular view of the Torricella Verzate Church, lit up as if for a party. The most exceptional surprises  are reserved in the floor underneath, which after a ramp of stairs, opens up to a tavern with a bar counter which pleasure loving people like us, cannot miss out on. And once you have satisfied all the whims of the palate, you can also  nourish the soul with a good book, or listening to one who will delight us on the piano. From here the doors open onto the outside terrace and on the other side, into a room which has been completely refurbished by us, using original red and white decorated cementine of the nineteenth century, almost identical to those that our grandfathers, and  our great grandfathers, had trampled on. At the centre lies a long table where priceless breakfasts and lunches are served, especially in the summer, with the singing of crickets..