The Winery

the continuous search for quality

Our small winery…

Our small winery of the Borgo situated inside the museum, dates back to the first half of the nineteenth century, and has walls with exposed stones and a vaulted ceiling where there are still hooks that were used to hang  salami to mature.

It is Preserved in its original state, with soft lighting to avoid compromising the wines, a controlled temperature and humidity. This is the a cellar of refinement, where our Lula, Giulè, Omada, Vera and Omai labels rest after spending 18 months in the oak casks.

A magical place that smells of a distant time and that  reminds us of our grandparents who while holding us by the hands, showed us objects that were strange and curious to our eyes and that we touched with great admiration and reverential fear.

Those objects, we have collected and preserved to remind us of our past  and for our guests to share in the experience through the story and the direct encounter with the operation of wine vats, hoppers, crushers, bottling machines and cappers of the olden days.

In our other two production cellars located outside the Borgo, the processing of the grapes takes place through traditional methods, following the rhythm of the wine.

Our small production allows us to devote the utmost attention to the quality of the wines; The winemaker, the cellar, the taster, all observing their roles, constantly monitor the various stages of the winemaking.

Technology is present in the winery even though its role is simply to help us achieve better results like the sophisticated plant temperature and humidity control.